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Lexon Studio

A collection of fashionable and out of the box objects, to liven up your everyday life.


When solar technology meets design: illuminate your interior from any window
with Hellonite, our wireless solar powered lamp for inside the home. An eco-friendly solution that gives you 6 hours of beautiful light once charged. Hellonite features an ambient lighting sensor and 4 light settings – warm, cold, blue and purple. A micro-suction film allows you to position it and reposition it on any window to meet every whim. It can be switched on and off as necessary.


Let Lucie keep you safe whilst cycling, running or walking, by clipping it to your bike or clothes. Once on, Lucie will diffuse a bright light, visible at a 150m, to let everyone know you are here. Featuring different light settings, fixed or flashing, red or white, Lucie is the perfect street light. Water resistant and rechargeable via USB-C, Lucie offers a battery life that last up to 8 hours. Available in stylish 5 colors, it will match any of your outfits.


Listen to your favorite music with Rio, our 2-in-1 radio & speaker. With a choice of DAB+ and FM, Rio gives you access to the widest range of stations in crisp and clear digital sound quality, thanks to its 3W speaker. If you want to enjoy your own music, Rio can connect to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth®.

Peas Hub

Workspace essential, Peas Hub is a multi-port USB-hub that keeps your devices connected at the same time.

Tykho 3

The Bluetooth version of our iconic radio, features minimalist design and a powerful 3W speaker.
Compact and lightweight, it can go with you everywhere even into the bathroom ! Thanks to its splash-proof silicone finishing.


Created by Adrian and Jeremy Wright, this award-winning alarm clock turns on and off by flipping it over. Featuring on and off faces, LCD display and touch sensor snooze, FLIP comes in rubber finishing offering a soft feel, and a compact design that makes it both the perfect bedside or travel companion.