Peanut Backpack

Design by: Luca Artioli

Collection: Peanut


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Foldable backpack

  • Alu
  • Gun
  • Dark Blue
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Foldable backpack in a pouch
Capacity: 17 L

12.2 x 16.9 x 5.5”
G.W: 8.5 oz
Carton: 48 p/448 oz

image Foldable backpack

Foldable backpack

This practical and beautiful backpack is foldable and ready for all types of adventures! With its capacity of 17L, this bag, is the perfect lightweight day pack for an everyday use. Very useful, it fits neatly into its own front zipped pocket.

Luca Artioli

Having graduated in Graphic Design and Communication, Luca Artioli went on to forge a successful career in illustration and creative design. In 1994 he became a senior designer at PMGroup, where he looked after accessories and decoration for brands such as Katherine Humnett, Uniform, Tourquise, Chevignon and Mama Noel. In 1997 he founded Studio BEATBOX to collaborate with other major companies in the creation of bags, objects and graphics. Since 2013 he has been sharing his valuable combination of brand awareness, creative expertise and technical production knowledge one-on-one with various design clients. Always striving to achieve originality and style, grounded in elegance and balance.