Design by: Manuela Simonelli & Andrea Quaglio

Collection: Colorful


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Piggy bank

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Piggy bank

Material: PMMA
Suggested branding: pad print
Ø 4 x 5 x Ø 1.9”
G. W: 3 oz l i/c: 10 p
Carton: 40p/211.64 oz

image A piggy bank that fits in any interior

A piggy bank that fits in any interior

This decorative piggy bank is easy to use and allows you to drop your coins in to save money, without compromising style. 😉

Manuela Simonelli & Andrea Quaglio

Quaglio Simonelli was born out of a meeting between two designers, Andrea Quaglio and Manuela Simonelli, their common work is really fed by stories, a creative look at the surrounding world, mutations they would wish to induce: therefore they create familiar looking objects contaminated by the unexpected and the poetical. Miami is the name of the collection: elegantly flying on nostalgic wings, an Art Deco stylistic wink meeting actual technical requirements. It preserves gracious powers through a transversal proposal. This series bears the precise signatures of an approach basing their practice - never to see things the way they are.