Marc Venot

After studying mathematics and physics at the University of Jussieu, he decided to take a completely different path by integrating the Ensci \ Ateliers where he graduated in 2004. For six years he worked in a Parisian agency global design. In 2011, he decided to open his own studio. In addition to a simple and sober drawing, he likes objects that surprise. In his opinion, this is the use that binds us to objects and creates a rich and lasting relationship with them. An object whose use is right, is an object that one keeps and that one does not replace.

I’ve known Lexon since I discovered design. When I arrived at ENSCI, Marc Berthier was a teacher and everyone knew the famous Tykho radio and Lexon. Drawing for Lexon means working with Rene Adda, a demanding and rich adventure. René has a fair and precise look on today’s world and it’s very pleasant to share and compare his ideas with him. Beyond design, the same passion drives us, the love of old motorcycles.