The Mino collection is composed of several portable bluetooth speakers intended to be taken everywhere with you! With their rounded shapes and small sizes, each wireless speaker in the collection delivers an impressive sound and brings a touch of elegance to any room.


This mini 3W portable Bluetooth Speaker fits in the palm of your hand and produces an impressive sound quality. With its compact size, sleek design and outstanding performance, Mino+ is simply the perfect audio companion to bring everywhere with you.

Twin Mino+

Mino+ is available in single or twin version. The set of two interconnectable pocket-size speakers delivers stereo sound to amplify your listening experience.

Mino X

Mino X is the world’s smallest floating Bluetooth speaker. Boasting a compact design, a bouncing rubber finishing and an IPX7 water resistance, Mino X is a mini yet full-featured portable speaker that acts as the perfect sound companion to bring everywhere with you, even by the pool.

Mino L

A boosted Mino to fill your interior with high sound quality, without any compromise on style.

Mino S

The pocket-size speaker, with an impressive sound that's ready to go where you go.

Mino T

The latest, and most outdoorsy member of the Mino family. Made for exploring, use its carabiner to clip the speaker to items like your bag or bike.


This mini portable Bluetooth® speaker fits in the palm of your hand to deliver an impressive 3W sound quality.


Mino+ L brings you a portable 5W Bluetooth® speaker that’s been expertly fitted with a passive bass system that doesn’t compromise on sound or design.