A collection of LED lamps that fit into different spaces in or around your home. Explore the original design with warm light or the larger LED color range of the most recent design. The Mina collection is guaranteed to bring a special atmosphere with it.


An impressive LED with a 12h battery life. It’s compact design and delicate demeanor is a complementing combination that makes a statement in any space.

Mina M

9 LED options, wireless charging, water-resistant casing, and 24hr battery make the Mina M the perfect way to inspire any space, indoor and out.

Mina L

An exciting size, flourishing light, and stunning design all in one device. With its 24hr battery, 9 LED options, and water-resistant casing, make a statement wherever you use Mina L, inside or out.

Mina L Audio

Designed to fill your space with both multicolor light and immersive sound, Mina L Audio is a sleek portable LED lamp that embarks a 360° built-in Bluetooth® speaker. Mina L Audio connects to your smartphone or tablet seamlessly via Bluetooth® , allowing you to share and listen to your favorite music anywhere in style. This versatile lamp offers an impressive 9 LED color range that you can bring to your bedside, workspace, or patio.


Mina Sunrise is a 3-in-1 lamp with sunrise and sunset effects, alarm clock and multicolored lighting. Wake-up gently thanks to the progressive daylight simulator combined with natural sounds at the desired time. Use the sunset function to fall asleep peacefully.